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Expedition Guide - Felipe was born in Recife, in the northeast of Brazil on April 18, 1986. He spent much of his early life in Milan, Italy where he absorbed the language and culture of Italy. From there he was raised travelling through Europe and where years later he would return to study in Valladolid, Spain as an exchange student in university. He finished his studies in Industrial Design in his birth city in 2010, where he also specialized in product design and photography.His relationship with travelling, photography and his adventurous spirit carried him to visit beautiful places, learn about cultures and strengthen his various languages. From these experiences he saw the extremes, from the Antarctic Peninsula to Swedish Lapland and journeys through Latin America and Europe. A lover of nature and outdoor activities, he is dedicated to sharing his adventures which finally, have brought him to the extreme south of America, “the great Patagonia”. Australis expedition team member since 2014. LANGUAGES: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and English

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Navigating through Patagonia

By Felipe Arruda on Mar 14, 2016 12:31:12 PM

“Winter in Punta Arenas resembles a giant cetacean that rests on the tide. It is my city. I was born and raised in it. Many times I’ve traveled to other latitudes but I always return to my place, like strengthening a preterit yet revealing ritual. Sometimes I realize that to stare at her is also to invent her […] 

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